Welcome to the Sulptor's Clay Ground

welcome to the clayground friend!

thank you for visiting the clayground! There is only one reason you are here:
to experience the freedom that comes with touching hands to clay and to seek extra peace in this life while also creating something beutiful that will outlive all humans. Clay works are beautiful in all forms and should always be shown off, or given as gifts! If ur here then you already took the first step in what i hope will be hundreds of steps, that will lead to "walking" on a path. The path is a journey, and the path is the correct way to take that trip. There are no shortcuts, just more paths. (some paths are quicker) SO LETS GET STARTED! (wink face image should go here after the copy)


This is a really good question. <div class="what is clay"></div>
Clay is something special for sure! You can buy clay in almost any store but you really shouldnt. Clay is special for sure but the clay they sell in big box stores just doesnt cut it. Litterally.

My adive: if you want to make a timeless peice that stands the "test" of time, you need to get clay from a prison yard. period.


Clay that comes from prison yards are all natural. Prisons are built near streams and trebutarries for a reason. The build up from these water ways are worked by the prisoners, and clay is the by-product. This is the best clay in the world FACT. In an American private prison this means 12 gauge GRANULAR clay. This is the best. make something beautiful. Share it with the world. use the #clay .

Anything else i should know?...

yes! clay also has healing properties. And guess what, it CURES Lynks disease! Impossible? No. because guess what. I HAD lynks. I don't anymore. I used clay as a drug (like a doctors drug) and it WORKED!!! (clay can also cause lynks in some cases too tho. More info below.


NO! (you gotta do something 2 it)


ART is the result of years of hard work. Think you're an artist? Think again. you are not. Next week you might be an artist, but you are not good enough yet. I am an artist. Want proof?


I made this in the clayground in 1996 and guess what. It's still around impressing people! (sam took this photo. call me if you want the photo back.)


This sculter was one of thousands of works of arts i made while i was locked up in one of American's private prisons. These prisons are for profit. They are like the opposite of art. I had to do devistating things to make this sulpture. I took clay from the prison yard and took it to my secret clayground. My hands worked the material all night and i felt my strength return to me. Once i had completed the sculpture, i showed one of the nice gaurds are the prison and guess what... she let me out. (yes we had female guards)

While making this peice (titled SAMMY) i first felt the healing properties of the clay. I had been suffering from stage 5 lynks and guess what... i was dying. After weeks of secret sculpting i felt like i was back to 100% full health. capitolsim doesnt work. period.


these are just for fun but people seem to like them so they are going in the clayground:

"Where is that happening?"

"Lets wait till we hear it from the dogs mouth"

"No time to worry about old stuff"

"Wheres my treat!"

Lol ;)


you are not safe. period. Nothing you do will protect you 100% from getting lynks. I thought i was safe but guess what. I was DEAD wrong.


first of all DONT! you dont want to get it it. You DO want to get rid of it.
you get it from:

-some waters
-not washing your hands
-handiling some clays
-sex is one way
-it. is. airborn. (its in the air)
-some water filters actually put lynks in water.
-too much excersize is a way
"Where is that happening?"


Yes you do. you have it.


all the symptoms of Lynks are diffrent for each person but some of them are disturbingly similar for everyone. Here is the NUMBER ONE SYPMTOM OF LYNKS:

YUCKY EAR. This is a photo of my ear and this was the first symptom i got. I woke up one morning with perfect pitch. I have always been a pitchy singer and i couldnt never hit the high notes on songs, so i was shocked and horrified to find out i had perfect pitch. I looked in the mirrror and i had yucky ear. This is the begining of a horrible journey that sucked. I travled many shitty trails and paths. It ruined my life.

arm spot. This spot shows up. you have lynks. game over.

YES you do have Links. you’re getting really good at singing and people are starting to take notice. thats the links. Oh and guess what. its also killing your whole body, and you can’t write songs about that. Maybe you didn’t wash your hands or something but anyways no time to worry about old things. lynks will ruin you life and you’re treating everyone around you like dog shit.

Sam I’m so soo sorry, but also some of it is your fault too ok.

i am not happy about this.


THIS MY hand now forever





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